Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Halloween Family Page

Halloween continued. No, it isn't deja vu. Well okay it might feel like it! This is the 2 page layout for Halloween that goes in our family album. The single pages you saw on the last post go in the children's individual album.

Do I always do this? Not always, but I like to. I like to have a page in the kid's albums documenting the holiday, but I like it to be in the family album too.

So what to do? The LAST thing I want to do is make 3 copies of the exact same layout.

So I do a 2 page spread for the family album that talks about the pumpkin carving the trick or treating and so forth. The kids pages so far always focus on an individual shot of them with a story about the search for the costume. I figure that's fair. Stories that focus on one child or the other go in their individual albums, events that the entire family participate in go in the family album. And this way I don't lose those cute little stories about their search for the perfect costume. To simplify things I use the same paper line for all the pages. I cut and put together all the pages at the same time, seems to save me some time doing it that way with just a little pre-planning.

Enjoy (and don't forget you can click on the picture for a larger image)!

Little Yellow Bicycle Paper and transparencies
Marvy cat punch
Stickles from Ranger (diamond on the pumpkin face, patina, starry night & copper on cat punches)
Pumpkin stamps from Papertrey Ink
Cherish layout from Close to my Heart

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